My Life’s Journey

Life’s been good to me so far…

The University of Virginia, my Alma Mater

I like to tell people I used to be smart, I still am a bit, but my friends know I’m not “brainy smart”. Definitely not a fraction like Matt Damon’s character in the movie “Good Will Hunting”, I’m more like the character in the movie, “An officer and a Gentleman”. The movie opens with him being beaten up in the street of Manila by a bunch of much bigger boys. He’s a White kid in a Filipino slum. The scene explains a lot about Mr. Mayo: he’s been through some tough times, but he doesn’t give up. He learns from his environment and applies that knowledge to survive. That, in a nutshell, is the story of my life.

Let me be perfectly honest: I am an imperfect man. I’m a hothead, I don’t back down from a fight (even at my ripe age), my sister has observed that I have an opinion about everything, I love children and miss my own little ones (I wish my adult children were little again). I’m a very emotional speaker and more than once during sermons I’m delivering, my voice has broken and tears have streamed down my face. I’m a twice decorated veteran who has the unique gift of experiencing no fear in a combat environment, but I pass out every time I see a nurse coming at me with a flu shot. I’ve been involved in over 180 fights in my lifetime; some for my life. I’ve gotten individual revenge on the bullies who’d gang up on me five to one. I do not kill bugs in my house, I catch and release them outside. I call everyone Sir or Ma’am. I always offer my seat on the train to women, young and old. I believe that America is the finest country in the world and New Englanders are the reason the world is filled with Christians and hope. I love my community. I want Massachusetts to be the beacon of industry and political progressiveness. The American Revolution began here, Industry began here, the fight for Abolition began here, the fight for Civil Rights was nurtured here…it will begin again here! I invite you to join the revolution, where citizens take back their governments; where they answer to US, not US TO THEM!!!!!

I am a different kind of Republican. I don’t look like your average American, but I’m Hot Dog, Apple Pie and Chevrolet to my bones! I am ready to make government work for you. Give me the opportunity. I was trained to build, but raised to FIGHT and I have a plan.